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Today I turn 67!


I mean… 29?

Yes, I think I’m 29 (but, I honestly could be wrong). That means I have had this blog for almost a year. Huh!

Really, this blog is just old enough to start taking its first wobbly steps, and has only started to master its fine motor skills. Thanks for sticking around through its infancy. One day (if I’m lucky) it will start dating a loser and grow to resent me and everything I tried to do to help it. I’m really looking forward to that ….  

As you may be aware, the theme of this blog revolves around my bucket list. While I have made some incredible strides in accomplishing my goals, I realize that I haven’t updated anyone on its overall status in quite some time.

So here it is. A birthday bucket list update!

1. Take a writing course I sure as heck did this! Was it worth it? Not so sure…..

3. Run in a 10 km race without stopping once  I slayed this goal a long time ago and I’m currently running 7.2 kms every morning without stopping. BEAST FACE!

4. Run a Half Marathon race once a year (2012) I don’t think this is going to happen for 2013 guys, shoot. Maybe? Just Maybe? I still have awhile yet! Ok, I think I can do it!

6. Visit my friends/family in each of their respective countries/provinces In 36 days I will be jet setting with Dan to London, Sale, and Paris. One of our best friends lives in Sale (Morocco) and she just recently had a baby with her husband. I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited to meet her family!

7. Hike Machu Picchu I have loose plans for this to happen at either the end of 2014 or in 2015.

9. Continue running/stretching/and being active – make this a serious part of my life I won’t cross this one off yet, even though I seriously have been kicking ass at it. In the last 4 months I have lost 17 pounds, gained muscle, and lost a total of 12.5 inches overall. I saw my biceps go down in size because I was losing fat, and then go up in size again because I was gaining muscle. I catch myself flexing in the mirror and, even more embarrassingly, I have been known to yell at my friends to touch my muscles when I have been drinking. My legs are rock hard. I’ve been running like a champ, and I have gone up in weight in every exercise I do. I have not missed a single workout in 4.5 months. In short, I am a sexy beast. 

10. Take a risk with my career and find something that I am passionate about doing (if this means going back to school, then DO IT) I have some attainable, exciting, and challenging goals set for myself on this one. I’m not ready to talk about them publicly yet, but they involve a one year plan, some passion, and some a LOT of sweat.

11. Have my student Loans paid off I am getting there. Progress on this one is slow, painful and steady. I bumped up my payments by an extra 200 dollars/month about 8 months ago now – so I should have them paid off by the time I am 90! Dan did the same – polé polé.

12. Have zero credit card debt (booya!)

13. Buy a house/condo that I love with Daniel-san (with an extra room for visitors) – We have a solid 3-4 years left on this plan (student loans must get paid off first). But we have a sizeable down payment gathered (mostly due to Mr. Responsible) and we have been looking around at the current market. This makes me proud, and also scared.

14. Learn to speak French (take a French course/do Rosetta Stone/do the workbooks I have purchased, and then PRACTISE this skill) I have yet to do this, even though I am going to Paris this summer! Must start studying NOW!

15. Strive to eat well (continue to be a vegetarian), but make sure I allow myself guilt free treats often enough – umm… I have been eating really well and really clean, but I have had some meat recently. Don’t tell anyone! Also, I really like ice cream, and it’s hot….. so…..

17. Live somewhere where I can have a beautiful garden, and then HAVE one See goal #13

18. Try Yoga, and continue doing it if I like it FINALLY mastered the chatarunga! It only took me about 8 months. Sheeeeeeeeeeit.

19. Go camping in a canoe only access point  Doing it again August long weekend! I am the portage MASTER.

24. Feel comfortable in a bathing suit – I am really getting there on this one, although I’m not sure I will ever be the type of person to wear a bathing suit. Too much skin! Too much shame! Too much ice cream!


26. Make a list of books that I want to read, and then read them all – oh, I’ve been reading so much. It’s been amazing. Right now I am reading ‘Above all Things’, and I’m really enjoying it. My favourite books so far this year? Geek Love; The Book Thief; The Island Walkers

27. Pay off our car (and own it, yus!) – We are well on our way. Only 2.5 more years left.

29. Be an amazing auntie (if my friends or brother (eeek!) have kids) – See #6. I already love Ilyas so much and I haven’t even met him.

So guys, that`s it for now. I know its not much, but I`m kinda busy…you know…aging and what not. Next week I am going to try to tackle a blog makeover. I`m long overdue!