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So, the ass blew out of my pants today.

Actually, if I’m going to be honest –  it was the crotch. The crotch blew out of my pants like an old, sad bicycle tire. The clincher? I’m wearing them.

At work.

It’s casual Friday, get off my back! Nothing says ‘casual’ more than crotchless pants. Am I right?

Ok ok. So, I didn’t realize that they had, on their own accord, become half-chaps. It wasn’t until I was almost at work this morning that I thought to myself, jeez, it’s breezy out

So, now I’m sitting, tightly tucked in at my desk, looking like a burst couch cushion. Just take a minute out of your Friday afternoon to visualize that. Funny, no?

The things I am currently panicking about:

  • What if someone needs me to get something from the filing cabinet?
  • OmEFFINGg, What happens if there is a fire alarm and we all have to vacate the building? And, more pertinently,
  • How am I going to get home?!

(ancillary confession: I totes googled crotchless pants and, frankly, I don’t get the fascination)

Anyway, Happy Friday All!