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It has been 1 week since I challenged myself to work out every day for 30 days. I haven’t quit yet, and I don’t have any plans to. Things have been going well! Admittedly, I have been very tired. Both nights this weekend I went to bed at 10:30 pm! And no, I am not 80 years old.

It’s also been ‘poor-vember’ for us, which is a month that we dedicate to no spending. Grocery stores and bills/rent are the only places that we allow ourselves to spend money for the entire month. Which means that we basically end up cleaning a bunch, and playing a lot of video games. Good thing we like each other…..

no cavities at the dentist p.s. – yay for flossing!

For those of you who don’t already know, I actually work two jobs. I have a full-time job and then a part-time (work from home) research job. So needless to say, finding the time during the 30 day challenge to work, eat, work-out, work again, clean, blog and hang with my partner/friends/cats can be challenging.

Happily, despite my hectic schedule, I have still been eating pretty healthily. For breakfast, during the work week, I always have overnight oats (this week has been with steel-cut oats) with warm fruit. On the weekend I usually have one piece of 12 grain toast with sugar-free raspberry jam (bought from the local Farmer’s Market) and 2 basted-medium eggs. For a morning snack, I generally have ‘purple slop’: Granola, Greek yogurt, blueberries and a banana.

mmmm… so sloppy

I always ALWAYS make sure to have a healthy afternoon snack as well, especially if I am working out straight after work and my dinner is delayed. As you can tell, I eat a lot.

Lunch last week was always leftovers from dinner the night before. And dinner always ended up just being a giant plate of vegetables. One night I just ate an entire bushel of asparagus. The next was a giant bowl of peas and cauliflower. Clearly, I have been too busy to cook. I hope to remedy this for next week.

Today I made salt & vinegar roasted chickpeas, and they turned out pretty swell.

Tonight I am going to make vegan quinoa meatloaf, with homemade cranberry sauce and broccoli. YUM! I love the weekends.