EUGH! I am so mad because I am very very sick. I have tonsillitis (which I get once every year or so). So unfortunately, that means I am forced to put my 30 day challenge on pause. I tried to work out anyway in the beginning, which was a really stupid idea, and I ended up feeling even more ill – so I think it’s time to listen to my body and just give it a rest. 

The other day I slept 12 hours, which is SO MUCH sleep, especially for me. My body is begging for a little time to get better, and I would be silly not to allow that. It does make me sad though. I am already missing yoga and running!

Dan has been taking care of me, cooking me food (that I can’t really eat because it hurts too much to swallow), and making sure that I have company. He is a good boy.

I don’t know if I should start the challenge completely over once I am healed up. Taking a week break in the middle seems like cheating, doesn’t it? 

Anyway, I will let you know once I am back at it, and what I have decided to do. Be prepared for more embarrassing photos of me (guh)!