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I have been so busy lately! Every Halloween season I find myself running around like a crazy person, clutching mini chocolate bars, and screaming about how much work I have to do.

A certain photo of me as a child dressed up as a ‘princess’ (really just wearing what appears to be a pink garbage bag) desperately clutching a sucker comes to mind. Sometimes, it’s safe to say that things never change.

There are Halloween parties to bake for, costumes to design and craft (yes, I said costumes, plural), parties to plan, scary movies and t.v. Halloween specials to fit in. I (truly, madly, deeply) can’t get enough. I lu-uh-ve Halloween.

Costume #1

When I used to live in BC, my friend and I would raid a pumpkin patch every year so that all of our friends could pumpkins to carve. The added element of running around in a scary patch at night made Halloween so much more fun, and I am truly missing that this year. I miss my besties. YOU HEAR THAT BESTIES? I miss you and your Halloween awesomeness!

Recently, there was the After Dark Film Festival in Toronto, and I went to two movies with Dan. One was funny, and one was scary – but both movies were only… ok. It is a Halloween tradition though, so I was happy to attend. Plus, it counts as a date night, right?

I hope that everyone else had fun getting drunk on the weekend in costume, or will be having fun handing out candy to the wee ones tonight. I saw a little girl dressed as an adorable cat this morning, and she made my heart flutter. SO CUTE!

I officially took tomorrow as a vacation day so that I could stay up really late watching scary movies, and perhaps have a few beers and chocolate bars in my Pit costume. BUT this morning I woke up feeling like I have tonsillitis (which is something I get almost every year), so we will see how that goes.

Costume #2

Anyway, Stay Safe. Stay Classy. Happy Halloween ya’ll.

bonus points if you know who I am