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I am a little over one third of the way through my goal of working out every day for 30 days. How do I feel? Tired, but happy. I have been sleeping like a champ – and I have been RAVENOUS! Like, a serious, ‘I will eat your baby’ type of hungry. I always snack healthily throughout the day, but no matter how much food I put in my gob today, it wasn’t enough.

Regretfully, I turn into a psycho bitch from hell when I haven’t eaten enough – so if I’ve been short with anyone these last few days, please forgive me. Or better yet, just feed me. Don’t say a word and just hand me a fucking banana o.k.?


I have gained about 4 pounds – which always happens to me when I first amp up my workout routine. I’m not telling you this because I’m sad or stressed out about it. I really try to focus more on how I look and feel than on numbers, but I admit that some days it’s a little hard to do that. I just don’t want anyone else who is going through the same thing (and reading this) to think they have done something wrong. Changing up your routine is confusing to your body at first, and gaining a little weight in the beginning (for me at least) is completely normal!

I’ve been trying to incorporate a lot of strength training and weights into my routine. I really want to have bulging biceps and defined triceps (and of course rock hard abs – but the arms seem a little more obtainable right now).

I know the key to being successful at something like this is being very organized. Plan each day out a week in advance – what class you are going to take, the distance you are going to run, what clothes you are going to need, what food you are going to eat, etc. And then, if possible, sign up for your classes online a whole week in advance in order to provide yourself with that little bit of extra motivation.

I find that doing something straight after work is easiest for me, because then I don’t get demotivated when the cats want to cuddle or Dan is looking particularly lonely. I’ve also been cooking a lot of ‘big ticket’ items 2-3 times a week (meaning there are a tonne of leftovers) so I don’t have to stress about what I will eat once I get home, and it’s already late, and there’s laundry to do, and I need to catch up on my t.v. shows (hellloooo….. vampire diaries? I miss you!).

I happen to get all warm and tingly inside when it comes to organizing things – I know, I’m a freak – so this hasn’t been a problem for me at all (in fact, I’ve really enjoyed it). So far, so good!


I am still digging the hot yoga classes, and have been running shorter distances more often throughout the week in order to get my cardio in. So all in all, things are going well. I am excited to see how I feel at the end of the 30 days.

I will check in again at the 2/3 mark, but in the mean time, I will be posting more recipes!