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I have been slacking off lately. I’ve gotten into some sort of funk (which I totally blame on the quick and heartless change in seasons) and I’m quite disappointed in myself. I have still been walking to and from work (which is about 10 kms a day) and I have still been going to yoga a few times a week – but I know that that is not enough for my body, and my muscles are begging to be used.

I know that I am like a Border Collie. I need fluid movement and constant physical challenges in my life in order to be completely happy. When I work out, I feel good. I know I do. I eat better, I sleep better – I am generally just happier.

Yesterday, I became inspired by a friend who is challenging herself to work out more. In fact, we both went to an excruciating abs/legs/booty class that taught me a few things. While doing my 8 billionth squat – my legs shaking in agony – and with sweat rolling down my face, I came to my first realization:

I am out of shape.

I am great at cardio, but anything that involves strength kicks my ass. I can’t even do a push-up! This was quickly followed by my second realization:

I need to stop living in the past.

Last summer I went to 2 months of bootcamp. I sucked when I first started, but then I got stronger. Directly after that I did Muay Thai continuously for 6 months. I became REALLY strong. Then I broke my foot, and then I broke my wrist (still waiting to hear back about what is wrong with it). No more Muay Thai for me.

Now, I am not really strong. I have been running for 6 months and doing zero resistance and weight training. Doing this class made me realize that I am no longer as strong as I once was, and I needed that reality check.

This morning, while walking around like a crippled robot because bending my knees is too much for my battered muscles to handle, I decided that I had to do something to get out of my funk and become strong again. My idea became The 30 day challenge!

There is this general belief out there that it takes the body 30 days to develop new habits (and to break old ones, I guess). I feel like this has some merit, but even if it’s not true I am going to pretend that it is for the sake of my new self imposed challenge.

Starting on October 13th, 2012 (yesterday), I am challenging myself to work out every day for thirty days. Walking back and forth to work will not count (although I will still do it). November 12th will be the last day of the challenge, if I don’t die before crossing the calendar finish line.

I am not really going to make an effort to drastically change how I eat, although I do understand that diet and exercise must work in tandem in order to feel good and be healthy. I just know myself well enough to know that once I start working out again, all the other pieces will just naturally slide into place for me.

I am going to start a new page at the top of my blog to chart my progress, in the hope that by the end of the 30 days I will be in the habit of working out more often. My ultimate goal is not to work out every day for the rest of my life. What I want is to break the habit of making excuses.

It’s going to be a tough ride. I am so sore from working out yesterday that the last thing I want to do is put on my sweaty clothes and get my grunt on today. Hell, I couldn’t even put underwear on this morning without crying out in pain. And this is only the second day!

But, I have my workout DVD queued up and I am going to sweat it out. Does anyone have any videos or workouts that they suggest I do?

Perhaps someone would like to join me in this challenge? Let me know, and keep updated on my progress in order to cheer me on k? I will definitely need all the help I can get.