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I have been absent from this blog lately. I have a schedule of articles that I want to write, and I am falling disastrously behind. I have been busily crossing things off this list of mine though.

First off, I have now gone to three yoga classes. The first two were slower and introductory, and were definitely more upper body focused – which is great for me because, as a runner, I tend to neglect my upper body. The last was bikram yoga, and it destroyed my lower body and core. It kicked my butt (this is a good thing – I love getting my butt kicked) and my hamstrings and abs were really sore for almost a week afterwards. This is coming from me, and my legs never get sore anymore. It was challenging, but I thought that I faired pretty well, considering I have only ever done 2 other yoga classes in my entire life. It think it helps that I stretch a lot after running, and that I am fairly flexible (but definitely not as flexible as the more serious people in my class, who were doing some scary exorcist-type shit).


I was expecting it to be more humid than it was, but it was a delightfully dry heat. I can handle dry heat, and, thankfully, I didn’t get nauseous or dizzy at all. I also really enjoyed that the obligatory time at the end of yoga classes where you lay on the uncomfortable floor with your eyes closed and ‘meditate’ (which always results in me either: getting a headache because there is no pillow, or getting the giggles because it is weird) was optional. The meditative music with wolves howling in the background was also absent. I’m sorry, but it’s just not for me. I don’t find packs of dangerous wild wolves howling in increasingly louder volumes to be calming. Call me crazy.

So, I have been cooking lots but I haven’t had time to post any of the recipes because I have been getting ready to go camping this weekend! SO EXCITED! We are going to a canoe only access point (goal # 19). Be ready for future posts to be focused on all the delicious vegetarian camping food that I have been making all week in preparation.

I have also signed up for a creative writing course, which begins mid-September (goal # 1) and I paid off the last of my credit card debt (goal # 12). I really am trucking along here – and I’m pleased as punch. I will be back soon though with more pictures and recipes! Have a great weekend!