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I suppose it’s time to do a ’35 things’ list update huh? Believe it or not, I have been busily working away at that list for the last few weeks. Shall I enlighten you on my progress?

I purchased this really cool yoga membership from this organization called ‘Passport to Prana‘ with my friend the other day. How it works is quite ingenious. For 30 dollars you get a little plastic card that allows you to go into every single participating yoga studio in Toronto once (they also have this deal worked out for other cities, so you should really check it out). There are SO many studios in Toronto that I think my friend and I will be busy with this for quite some time, but the extra awesome part is that you can choose any class you want AND the card is good for one full year. As far as I can tell, there seems to be quite the range of yoga styles at these participating studios, so I think, when all is said and done, I will really be able to fairly judge whether or not yoga is something I am interested in. And for 30 dollars I figured it was definitely worthwhile!

So anyway, I’m going to start my first ever yoga class tomorrow – it’s going to be outdoors and it’s a hatha yoga class which is apparently well suited for beginners. I will let you know how it goes.

I’ve been keeping my butt moving and running lots. I actually finished my first official 10 km race a week ago with a time of 1hour 1 minute. I will admit that I had to stop to walk twice – which I am not the happiest about – and which totally contributed to a time I know I am capable of beating. But they were very short breaks, it was super super hot, and I really had to pee because (in an attempt to cool down on a super hot summer day) I guzzled bunch of water RIGHT before the race started (clearly still learning over here).

All the excuses aside, you live and you learn, right? I know next time I will do better, and that makes me happy. I I have also now amended my old, and surpassed goal to be: ‘run a 10 km race without stopping’. Hooray for goals!

For the long weekend my partner and I basically just relaxed and gorged ourselves on food. We went for a few runs, and also went to the Toronto spit, which did nothing but make us lust after bikes for a few days. I seriously wasted an entire day looking at cool, 90s inspired, neon bikes (that were wayyyyy out of my price range) on the internet, imagining myself taking some sweet jumps and impressing all my friends. Let me tell you, the spit will do this to you if you decide to tackle it on foot …  It is most definitely best voyaged on bicycle.

And to get to the question I’m sure has just been eating at you this whole time (I jest, I jest): Have I been flossing everyday? The answer is a resounding YES! I’m so proud of myself. Every night I have been flossing, and I already had two play dates with our cats and one date with Dan on a lantern lit patio at night with delicious food and martinis. I am so on track with this shit!

I have also started a ‘to-read’ list on goodreads.com. I need to work a lot more on that, and I would love your suggestions to make the list more robust. What is the best book you have ever read?

What is in store for next week you ask? Well, I plan on trying out some new running shoes I bought – which should be arriving any day now. And I plan on submitting some work to a very short story contest, just for the fun of it. Wish me luck!

Aside from the fact that I discovered my new best friend in snack form, omg soooo good, I think that is all I have to update you on. More posts to come soon – maybe.