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With the celebration of my 28th birthday recently, a few thoughts came to mind. Being the type of person who can never remember how old I am, my first thought (obviously) was: “Hold on, am I turning 28 or 29 this year?! *GASP* Am I turning 30??!!” After doing some quick fact checking, and determining that I was, indeed, only turning 28 – my next thought was: “Holy Pancakes, time goes by quickly. Next thing you know I will be turning 50!” (although, clearly, I would think I was turning 72 … or 9)

Instead of letting this thought morph into a quarter life crisis, which I’ve found out is surprisingly common with people my age, I ate some cake. Cake is exceedingly more delicious than a quarter life crisis.


But, I have always wanted to start a blog. Who hasn’t really? Blogs are all the rage, right? EVERYONE is doing it. When Rihanna asks “Where dem bloggers at?” I want to be able to raise my hand dammit. After all, I’m hip, I’m cool, I’m (almost) 45 (bonus points if you got that Kids in the Hall reference).

But what would I blog about? I could just ramble on aimlessly, as I have been doing so far in this post – but wouldn’t it be better if I had some sort of topic to loosely base my ramblings on?

With my future decrepitude in mind, and my delicious birthday cake stored safely in my belly, I decided to make a list of things to do before I turn 35. Don’t ask me why I chose the age 35. It just seemed like a nice number, and because I like repetition, I decided that 35 goals would be an attainable ambition (we shall see how that goes though).

Some of my goals are lofty, some are just plain fun, and some are things that I already know I will achieve soon. Is that cheating? I CARE NOT!

My goal with this blog, it to update you (my luscious readers – you are out there right?) on my progress with these goals. I will not be attempting to do the goals in order, or to any set timeline. I think I will just write posts as I am working on certain goals, and see how it progresses on its own. Some of the goals I set will require constant upkeep, so my hope is that I will have enough fodder to keep my blog from becoming a snooze fest. Prepare yourself for pictures of cats. If there is one thing I have learned from the internet, it’s that cats are well liked. I plan on using this to my advantage.

I am excited for this new journey to unfold – but for now, I am off to floss (see goal #25). I am taking this seriously yo!

BEHOLD! The list, in all its listy greatness.

35 Things To Do Before I am 35

1. Take a writing course (I have never done this before. Heck, I haven’t even taken an English course.)

2. Write something (fiction) with the intent of trying to get it published

3. Run in a 10 km race

4. Run a Half Marathon once a year

5. Run a Marathon (at least once, but continue doing it if I like it)

6. Visit my friends/family in each of their respective countries/provinces

7. Hike Machu Picchu

8. Go to a fitness retreat somewhere warm and beautiful

9. Continue running/stretching/and being active – make this a serious part of my life

10. Take a risk with my career and find something that I am passionate about doing (if this means going back to school, then so be it)

11. Have my student loans paid off (student loans = barf)

12. Have zero credit card debt

13. Buy a house/condo that I love with Daniel-san (with an extra room for visitors)

14. Learn to speak French (take a French course/do Rosetta Stone/do the workbooks I have purchased, and then PRACTISE this skill)

15. Strive to eat well (continue to be a vegetarian), but make sure I allow myself guilt free treats often enough

16. Take a group trip once every 2 years with friends somewhere warm and delightful – drink my face off, laugh until it hurts and take lots of pictures. These are the important things in life.

17. Live somewhere where I can have a beautiful garden, and then HAVE one

18. Try Yoga, and continue doing it if I like it

19. Go camping in Algonquin Park in a canoe only access point

20. See the Northern Lights

21. Go to Newfoundland and see some icebergs

22. Keep an active dream journal (yes I know how dorky this sounds)

23. Have one date a month with Dan, where we dress up and go somewhere we have never been before – make it romantic, or just plain goofy

24. Feel comfortable in a bathing suit


26. Make a list of books that I want to read, and then read them all (suggestions here are encouraged)

27. Pay off our car (and own it, yus!)

28. Learn to drive standard (even if I think it’s stupid…which I do)

29. Be an amazing auntie (if my friends or brother (eeek! he’s just a BABY) have kids)

30. Buy a bitchin bike and ride it around the city (I will have to get over my fear of getting hit by a car first)

31. Learn more about my family

32. Visit my Grandmas animal shelter in Midale

33. Take Dan to Weyburn with me, visit my old house/school/park

34. Designate one play date a week (in addition to all the normal cuddles) with my kitties – spoil them rotten

35. Make music and comedy a bigger part of my life – go to shows, discover new bands etc.